For individuals:

RRSP contribution and withdrawal tool

Understand how contributions to and withdrawals from your RRSP can have an impact on your long-term financial goals.

Understanding Sun Life insurance participating accounts (PDF)

Learn about how Sun Life insurance participating accounts are managed, how they have historically performed against Canada 10-year bonds, S&P/TSX, GICs, and more.

Planning today for a secure tomorrow (PDF)

Meet Scott. He’s 35, single, with a well-established saving plan and his first condo.  Scott’s story shows how the combination of SunTerm and Sun Limited Pay life insurance policies can help him – and you – cover temporary and permanent protection needs.

Critical illness insurance: protection for today and the future (PDF)

Though she’s only 40, Josephine is thinking about how her long term health  — and unforeseen critical illness along the way – can affect her financial future. Find out how critical illness insurance can provide both Josephine and you a lifetime of protection.

Asset protection plan strategy (PDF)

Taxes can take a hefty proportion out of what you leave behind. This guide explains strategies for protecting your nest egg for your loved ones.


For business owners:

Your business success depends on your people. These tools can help you understand how the right insurance can help protect one of your most valuable assets: