There are many products available to help you control your financial destiny. At Ron Scott Financial we work closely with you to pinpoint the options that will best fit your unique lifestyle needs. Our products are for individuals, families and business owners, and include:

Health insurance

  • Individual and group benefits package
  • Health spending accounts

Supplementary health insurance bridges the gap between provincially-covered medical care and services, medication and equipment that would otherwise be paid out of pocket. Packages can be tailored based on your needs, or your family’s and employees’ needs, and can include vision care, dental and other services.

Life insurance

Life insurance offers more than peace of mind – it can also be a way to protect your assets for your family. Assets inside an insurance policy accumulate free of income tax, and the death benefit payout is tax-free

There are numerous life insurance products, with a great deal of flexibility in coverage, premium structure and benefit. We can help determine the best options based on your needs.

Disability and critical illness insurance

Have you considered how being diagnosed with a serious illness or suffering a debilitating injury might change your financial situation, including your current lifestyle and future plans? Disability and/or critical illness insurance can help you manage additional and unexpected costs, including:

  • Taking an extended leave from work
  • Travel to treatment centres and the cost of medical equipment and medications not covered by other plans
  • Having a family member take time off to care for you
  • Keeping up with everyday expenses including mortgage payments

Long-term care insurance

Though life expectancy in Canada continues to climb, the average Canadian spends the last nine to 14 years of their life with diminished health. Often, there is a gap in the level of care that is covered by other insurance or by provincial plans. Long-term care insurance helps cover these costs, giving you more choices in the type and amount of care you receive, while preserving your savings and investments.

Succession planning

Develop a plan for transferring your business ownership and transitioning out of a management role while maximizing your long-term personal financial security.

Retirement planning

Do you know what you want your lifestyle to look like after retirement – and how to make that vision a reality? A retirement plan will help you determine how to get there and how to manage your money post-retirement. /td>

Estate planning

Proper estate planning means you know that your legacy will be protected according to your wishes after you’re gone. Planning can go a long way towards ensuring your assets are maximized and taxes and other expenses are reduced.

Financial needs analysis

Gain an in-depth understanding of your current personal financial situation and identify the solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Estate planning

Grow and manage your wealth through RRSP, RRIF, LIRA, TFSA, and spousal and corporate accounts.